Corporate News // 01.04.2014

ADLER Real Estate increases results considerably in 2013

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Ad hoc News // 28.03.2014

ADLER Real Estate issues another corporate bond

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Press release // 14.03.2014

ADLER Real Estate evaluates financing opportunities for further real estate portfolios

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Ad hoc information // 11.03.2014

ADLER Real Estate AG: Management Board of ADLER Real Estate Aktieng-esellschaft determines exchange ratio for the present exchange offer to share-holders of ESTAVIS AG

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Ad hoc News // 10.03.2014

ADLER Real Estate AG with significant increase in results in 2013

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Ad hoc News // 27.02.2014

ADLER Real Estate AG convenes an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in order to adopt a resolution for a capital increase against contributions in kind in order to acquire the shares of Estavis AG

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Corporate News // 17.02.2014

ADLER Real Estate increases share in residential portfolio

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Welcome to ADLER Real Estate

ADLER Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft

ADLER Real Estate AG is a publicly traded real estate company which is focused on developing a strong and profitable real estate portfolio. At the center of its activities is the acquisition and management of residential properties throughout Germany. ADLER Real Estate AG was formed out of Frankfurter Adlerwerke, a company with a rich and storied history going back to the 19th Century.

The company's registered office is in Frankfurt am Main, and its headquarters, including its management board and employees, are in Hamburg. In Frankfurt, ADLER Real Estate AG is represented by its wholly-owned subsidiary Münchener Baugesellschaft mbH, whose predecessor company, which was formed as far back as 1926, has a long and rich history in the development and management of residential properties.

The goal of ADLER Real Estate´s activities is to invest in residential properties with the potential for sustained appreciation and whose current income contributes to the company's overall success. The company's operational strategy also includes actively creating added value, i.e. developing existing residential properties through improvements, structural alterations and renovations, as well as developing residential construction sites and new residential properties for its own account, either alone or together with partners.